Nainital finds an honorable mention in the epics and mythologies. This quaint town once served as the summer capital of the then United Provinces (Uttar Pradesh), and it’s hardly difficult to understand why. Surrounded by the charming Lake Naini Tal, it enjoys a close proximity to other lesser known hill stations.

Today, Nainital has evolved into a major tourist destination. However, its prime attraction is the Naini Lake, on whose shimmering waters glide the delightfully colored yachts. Moreover, this lake also hosts the national level yachting competition. However, besides this, there are also a lot of other activities which a tourist can engage in during his stay here. This blogs lets you know the things you can do in Nainital, things which will make your trip all the more exciting.

Enjoy a boat ride at Naina Lake

According to mythology, Naini Lake is believed to be one of the emerald green eyes of Lord Shiva’s consort, Sati. One of the most visited lakes in India, it has inspired several writers and distinguished personalities in one way or the other. Apart from sightseeing at the lake, one can enjoy a delightful boat ride here. During the night, the reflection of the surroundings on its waters lend it an unearthly aura.

Enjoy the views from Tiffin Top

Uttarakhand, one of the most beautiful hill stations in India, contains a host of activities for the visitor. One of them is enjoying the breathtaking view which is accessible from Tiffin Top. Also known as Dorothy’s Seat, this place is located on Ayarpatta Hill and provides spectacular views of Nainital Town and the surrounding hills of the Kumaon Region. Besides being a popular picnic spot, it’s also highly sought after by photographers.

Enjoy a trek to Naina Peak

Naina Peak, also known as China Peak, by the locals, is a highly visited tourist spot in Nainital, besides being the highest hill top. From here, one can get a fabulous view of Nainital Town, the Himalayan Range and the vast expanses of the Kumaon region. Trekking to the Naina Peak is an all-time favorite activity among the tourists. Besides being healthy and refreshing, it also lets you enjoy the forest scenery which is clothed in rhododendrons, cypresses and deodars.

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Horse ride at Nainital

Horse riding is considered to be one of the best things to do in Nainital. One cannot come here and forget to take a horse ride. One of the places to enjoy this activity is the Mall area. Besides that, tourists can also hire a pony for visiting places like Snow View Point, Kilbury and Tiffin Top from the Mall Area. Riding a horse to the Naina Peak is also a very exciting activity, and one that is enormously popular with the tourists.

Beauty of St. John Wilderness Church

St. John Wilderness Church holds the distinction of being one of the earliest buildings erected in Nainital, and also one of the most beautiful churches in any hill station. Built in 1847, it also consists of a brass memorial in remembrance of the people who were buried alive in the infamous landslide of the 19th century. One should visit this church not just for the historical legacy associated with it, but also for its impressive architecture which is visible in its stained glass windows and wood pews.

The thrill of a ropeway ride

The joys of a ropeway ride is what makes Nainital one of the most visited hill station in Uttarakhand. This ride attracts a large number of tourists each day. A ride on the cable car in Nainital provides amazing views of the famous Naini Lake as well as Nainital hill station. This highly adventurous ride connects Snow view point with Mallital.

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Delights of shopping at Tibetan Market

The delights of shopping come alive at the Tibetan Market, located in close proximity to the Naina Devi Temple. Also known as Bhotia Market, it is the perfect place to lay your hand on great deals at great prices, if you are accustomed to the art of bargaining. You will come across stylish-looking scarves, ethnic wears, stylish bags and warm clothes with shawls and mufflers. Once here, don’t forget to taste the momos and thukpas at Sonam’s Restaurant.

Witness the beautiful sunset at Hanuman Garhi

On your next tour to Nainital, don’t forget to visit Hanuman Garhi. Located at an altitude of 6,401ft above sea level, this place was established by Baba Neem Karauli. A beautiful Lord Hanuman is situated at the top. This place gives you excellent views of the sunset, besides letting you enjoying a leisurely walk.

Collect Candles from Mall Road

Do you fancy collecting candles of interesting shapes and sizes decorated with curious artwork and designs? In Nainital, you can indulge in this curious hobby at the Mall Road. Along this stretch of road, you will find different varieties of candles, ranging from fruit shaped candles, enormous sized candles, a candle fairy or other kinds that you may not have come across before.

Seek blessings at the Naina Devi Temple

The beautiful Nanda Devi Temple is located at the upper end of the mesmeric Nainital Lake. The presiding deity of this temple is Goddess Naini Devi, who is represented by two eyes. This place is regarded as one of the 51 Shakti Peeths, and has an interesting mythology attached to it. During the Nanda Ashtami festival, a big fair is organized at this temple. The festival lasts for eight days.

Explore wildlife at Jim Corbett National Park

Jim Corbett National Park, which is part of the Corbett Tiger Reserve, holds the distinction of being the oldest and most prestigious national park, and is one of the must see places in Nainital. The park, which stretches over an area of almost 520sq. km, is one of the few tiger reserves which allows the option of an overnight stay inside its premises. Besides tigers, this place is also a haven for bird lovers. The thriving biodiversity of this area is also reflected by the over 50 species of raptors found here.

Have a great time at Naukuchiatal

Naukuchiatal is a beautiful little hill station which is recognizable by its paddocks and terraced fields. This place has been generously blessed by Nature’s bounty, the lush valleys, oak forests and fascinating orchards bear testimony to that. Albeit, the prime attraction is the Magnificent Lake, it’s also the perfect location for enjoying rare species of butterflies and interesting kinds of Himalayan birds. The joys of enjoying a picnic are manifold here, as one is also provided the option of enjoying other activities like paragliding, fishing and angling.


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