Parents with doubts about the fact that the Indonesia is a country suitable for family trips, you can sleep on your two ears. Indeed, the country offers many opportunities to make the stay as well for large and small. Of course, a trip like this must be well prepared to avoid any problem once on-site. To help you, we will try to give you some advice from our travel experts experience, themselves parents in Indonesia, or that of our travelers having already spent a family stay in the country.

The right reflexes for a successful family vacation in Indonesia

Food and daily care

A stay in Indonesia is an incredible adventure, which requires a minimum of preparation, in addition to a family trip. You probably won’t find any food, hygienic goods or services that you usually use. However, supermarkets in the South of Bali, including the crossroads and the “Bintang”, local supermarket where you can find everything, propose a wide choice of products for babies as small pots or the layers of the brand “Pampers”. We nevertheless recommend that you bring your own products such as milk powder, hard to find here, or even if your child has food allergies.

Always about the food, it is important to note that the water is not drinkable in Indonesia. Of course, mineral water is very easily. Hotels restaurants also often at the request of purees, pasta or children menus.


Hygiene is often a matter of doubt for parents. No vaccinations are compulsory in Indonesia. However, we can only recommend you to take as few risks as possible, and to vaccinate your child against hepatitis A and typhoid, in addition to the usual vaccines such as DTP or whooping cough. Beware of the mosquitos, for cots are planning a mosquito net.

For the daily, also be aware that wipes are very easily, just like first aid such as bandages or disinfectant.


In Indonesia, the child is King. For example, it is frowned upon to touch the head of a child. It is therefore quite logical to see that the hotels offer important services for families. If you wish, your travel expert can direct you to hotels with possibility of babysitting or equipped with children’s clubs. The Indonesia is not necessarily the country with the best sidewalks, so we recommend a small harness.

Traveling in Indonesia, but on which island?

The Indonesia is a wonderful country. It is also impossible to summarize the Indonesia to an idea or an image both landscapes, cultures, traditions are different. This diversity offers travelers to the infinite possibilities, but some areas are more recommended than others at the level of families. Bali, Java and Lombok are the most accessible Islands since facilities geared for children are the most frequent. They are also the regions the most frequented, and so the easiest for families. In Sulawesi and Sumatra family trips are possible but must be aware that medical facilities are less widespread and more comfort.

The Indonesia is a tropical, hot and humid climate country. Therefore, it is essential to protect your children from the Sun, either in the water or outside. CAP or hat, shirt to bathe, sunglasses, cream solar, precautions are good to take.

On the road, it is possible to rent baby seats or booster seats. However, nothing prevents you to take your own equipment if you wish.

Family Travel Tips Shanti Travel

We will try to help you prepare your trip giving you some good places for a pleasant family holiday.

Hotels and restaurants:

  • Agung Village (Tanah Lot): Very friendly Hotel for families. Thierry and Ayu are adorable and welcome you at home.
  • Mawun Raya (Lombok): The owner, Ralph, has him even 2 young children. Raya, groin, often plays at the pool with the kids. The pool is separated into 2: a large 20 meters for parents, and a small shallow pool for children.
  • InterContinental (Jimbaran): The hotel has a kids club or the children are supported by a staff.
  • Puri Santrian (Sanur): Part of the hotel is prohibited to children, while the other is like a paradise for them. There are games, kiddie pools and staff is adorable and knows to take care of small and large.
  • Sri Bungalow (Ubud): The hotel is located close to the Monkey Forest, exceptional place for children wishing to see the monkeys.


Bali is not the paradise of surfing by chance. The waves are beautiful and sometimes impressive. This is not at all to please families with young children who are looking for quiet beaches without danger. Here are the few beaches in Bali that are suitable for families:

  • Jimbaran (Intercontinental side): The long beach of Jimbaran offers beautiful waves to the north, and a quiet and shallow corner to the south.
  • Pemuteran: Pemuteran offers several types of beaches, from blond sand to black sand. The water is calm and if you go away a little you will find corals of a thousand colors. Ideal for young and old.
  • Sanur: Beach side: shallow water, blond sand, and no wave. Side coast: many restaurants, shops, and a sweet and family holiday atmosphere. Sanur pleases both parents and children.
  • Nusa Dua: It is here that the most beautiful beaches of Bali are concentrated. The sand is white and the water turquoise. It is also here that are all major hotels and resorts like Club Med. The water is calm and shallow.
  • Ideal for children. There are some hotels with “kids club”. Shanti Travel will recommend them.
  • Kuta Lombok: The beaches here are still preserved. You will find few tourists, yet they are magnificent. White sand coral, turquoise waters. And no wave as it is a bay. Selong belanak beach, Mawun, Tanjung Aan …. You are here in paradise.
  • Gilli Air: The perfect destination with young children: no car, no stress, horses, beautiful scenery. We go around in 40 mn of horse or 30 mn of bike, then to laze by looking at the bottom of the water.
  • Ubud for children: The advantage of Ubud is that there are a lot of activities for children. The Taman Nusa Park, which gives an overview of the different types of dwellings in Indonesia, the Geo Park which explains volcanoes in a fun way. You can also see the Batur volcano if the children are a little bigger. Enjoy the beautiful and very familiar atmosphere of hotels and homestays.

Cruises (Flores-Komodo):

  • Jinggo Janggo: Jinggo Janggo is a traditional Indonesian boat built to the South of the island of Sulawesi. Ideal for a cruise with friends or family, you will enjoy the beauty of the Indian Ocean on a ship full of charm and history. Let yourself be lulled by the waves before going to discover the mysterious Komodo dragons, or try scuba diving experience in the Indonesian funds. A CAP, a long t-shirt with long sleeves of sunscreen are strongly advised to avoid any risk, and especially to enjoy this unforgettable cruise in an idyllic setting.
  • Juliet: The Juliette is a phinisi boat Indonesian, built to the South of Sulawesi by ancestral techniques. So you take place in a symbol of the Indonesian archipelago, best way to make a wonderful cruise around the Park of Komodo dragons meet. Diving lovers to give heart to joy during this experience that will take you through most beautiful places than the other. Sunscreen is recommended if you want to make the most of the possibilities offered by this trip, punctuated by the beaches and the sumptuous landscape and seascape.

Activities & Experiences:

  • Bali Bird & Reptile Park: This park educational and interactive invites you to discover many species of colourful birds from different continents. Many activities are organised throughout the day for the pleasure of small and large. For the torticollis attention!
  • Construction of kites: fall in childhood and learn how to build a kite, so appreciated of the Balinese.
  • Day Balinese: Discovery day of Balinese culture in the company of a family. You make the market, make offerings, plough rice fields, visit the village and have a time of sharing and Exchange. Full day, lunch included.
  • Dolphins in Lovina: it’s still night out but the alarm goes off already… Should not to be late for the dolphins! The boat is ready, hop on this small boat fishermen and management offshore! Admire the beautiful sunset on the North coast of Bali away gently from the shore. After 30 minutes, your ‘master’ slows the boat, barely minutes see 4, 5, 6 dolphins jump out of the water, the show does not stop there, they get more and more! Take advantage of this exceptional moment to observe these beautiful mammals in their natural space. Back on the coast after so many emotions. A fun excursion for the whole family!
  • Bali Butterfly Park: Do not rely on his name! Although there are butterflies in the colors and sizes, other curious species also live there. Stick insects, beetles, and other curiosities make your interactive tour! Make a stop at the nursery to see the butterflies hatch under your eyes. A visit not to be missed for the big and the small.
  • Waterbom Park: Voted the best Waterpark in Asia, Waterbom offers 21 slides down from 1 to 4 people either on the buttocks or buoys. Many activities are available for children and many restaurants offer meals, snacks, ice cream and other treats. You will probably spend a good part of your day!
  • Walk in the rice fields: this easy walk of 2 H in the Balinese rice fields surrounding Ubud makes you discover very beautiful landscapes and takes you to the meeting of the villagers. You cross a luxuriant nature and meet beautiful people.
  • Rafting from 7 years: the rivers are shallow and not dangerous. And as a parent we love! The view is amazing and we’re at the bottom of the canyons in the middle of the jungle.
  • For most adults (age 10 and up), there are also many activities. Between treks in the rice fields, cycling, canyoning or surf courses, everyone will find his happiness.

Traveling with family here is therefore something very accessible. Do not hesitate to ask your travel consultant for advice to make the most of the Indonesian experience.



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