Navratri Special: Top-Most Venues to Play Garba in Indore

Navratri the grand festival of 9 nights in which people worship Goddess Durga and when it comes to cities, Indore is all dressed in the colors of Dandiya as the city welcomes 2017 Navratri in a grand style. More than 10,000 thousands of participants play Garba & Night on Navratri tune and the huge crowd goes there to watch them at different places. Buy garba passes to enjoy Navratri nights in Indore at the below-mentioned places.

With colours, prayers, music and dance, the Navratri festival commenced in the city on Thursday. Indoreans began celebrating the 9-day festival of Goddess Durga in their own ways. While some choose to observe fast and pray for 9 days, others prefer celebrating it with colourful attire and bout of ‘garba’. From prayers, food, dance and spirituality, most people quoted these days to be among the most powerful days of the year.

Diverting power to productivity

Sharing her feelings, homemaker Yashi Sachdeva said, “I do not believe in these rituals first, but as I grew up and felt the power emaciating from inside during these days, I had to work to direct it positively.” She explained that everything she does including study, work, talk, argue, fight, smile, etc is more intense and powerful these days. “When I participate in the prayers and give myself time to control the power, I am able to divert the power to my work and only productive ventures,” Yashi said.

1. Pankhida

Pankhida, the place which is widely popular for its late-night garba and appearance of celebrities at Basketball Complex, Indore. It has been organized by JD events and Lok Swami group since last 19 years!   Navratri event sees a huge crowd of youngsters and others, who come to enjoy the music and dance ritual for all 9 days, along with paying respects to Maa Durga!!

2. Abhivyakti Garba Mahotsav

India’s largest Garba festival place in Indore where Navratri is celebrated only for 5 days. Abhivyakti Garba becomes very popular among all Indorians and those amazing days of practice become the attractive part, with participant count crossing 3,000 boys and girls!! The garba lovers were seen grooving to the music playing from large sound systems on the grounds of ‘Gujaratri English Medium School’ near Bombay Hospital.

3. Naidunia Ras Ullas

Naidunia newspaper organized Ras Ullas also known as Racecourse road Garbas, have been one of the grand celebrations in Indore! People often seen in same color dresses during 9 nights. The indoor stadium of this garba place features wooden flooring and multi-level seating for thousands of audiences! Likewise others, the Naidunia Ras Ullas also gives out prizes to participants in different categories. The most important they too offer a great selection of food & beverages stalls!

4. Hind Rakshak Garba

Dusshera Maidan garba fest is typically based on theme-based garba. You can see lots of garba and dandiya rounds played by participants in various styles. The most attractive part of this place is the Aarti, devotees welcome goddess Durga with Diyas and lamps in their hands. You can easily find seats to watch them for a long time.

5. Saket Na Garba

The event which has been organized since 1985, has been now famous as one of the most elegant and rejoicing garbas in town! Saket Na Garba gives out big prizes to the best garba dancers, best dress in different categories along with the cash prizes to each and every participant! Visit their official Facebook page for the passes information and latest updates about the event.


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