The laid –back beach state of Goa can best be explored on a bike. This blog shares all about bike rentals in Goa that you need to know. This actually is the best part of being in the state. As you arrive in Goa, there is no need for you to worry about boarding an overcrowded bus or to opt for other costly local transportation modes. Just rent a scooty or a motorbike and you are sorted.

Self-riding bike renting in Goa is an absolutely liberating experience as you are free to visit the place as and when you want, sans restrictions. As soon as you complete the check-in at your hotel, the first thing that you do is rent a bike. You are going to spot tourists of all ages, riding a motorcycle or a scooter, across the length and breadth of this wonderful place.

Here is how to rent a bike in Goa:

Places to rent a bike in Goa

Renting a motorbike is extremely easy. You can ask the manager of your hotel who will be happy to help you. He definitely is going to know someone who is in the business of renting bikes and make a living from it. Or if you do not really wish to ask someone for the same, move out from the hotel, there is going to be a renting shop, near your hotel. Here in Goa, either a person rents his own bike or know someone who does so. There are bike renting shops in Panaji, Baga, Candolim, Arambol, Palolem etc.

Cost of renting a bike in Goa

Honda Activa scooter, Bajaj Pulsar and Royal Enfield are the two-wheelers that are available to the tourists on rent. During the off season, Honda Activa can be rented in around INR 250 a day, Pulsar is available in around INR 600 a day and Royal Enfield can be rented in INR 900 a day.

During the peak season, the rent goes up with Honda Activa at around INR 400, Bajaj Pulsar at around INR 800, and Royal Enfield at around INR 1200. The rest depends on your bargaining capacity.

Documents required to rent a bike in Goa

Minimum documentation is involved for the same:

Driving License:

If you wish to rent a bike for self-drive, it is necessary that you hold a driving license. In the lieu of his bike, the dealer is going to keep your license as a security. Do not forget to keep a photocopy of your driving license if in case you are required to show it to the traffic police.

Identity proof:

In case you are not in favor of giving your license and want to keep it with you, there are a number of options for you. You can submit you photo ID such as passport, PAN Card or Voter ID card. The dealer keeps your ID as a security of his scooty or motorbike.

Bike documents:

Before you rent the bike, check whether all the documents of the bike are in place or not. You do not wish to run in any kind of trouble on the road. Being a tourist is also not going to be an excuse at that time.

Things to remember while renting a bike in Goa

Contact details of the dealer:

Make sure that you save the contact number or the mobile number of the bike dealer so that you can call him if the need arises. They might prove to be helpful if you get in any kind of problem in Goa.

Test the bike before renting it:

Before taking the bike in your hands and finalizing things, do not forget to test run the bike for 5 to 10 minutes. This is important as some of the bikes are not in a good condition. Check whether the clutch, breaks etc. are working properly and rare-view mirrors etc. are intact. As there a number of roads with no street lights, check whether the headlights are in working condition or not.

Check whether there is fuel or not:

At most of the times, when the bike is given to the customer, there is very little fuel in it. Therefore, as the bike comes in your hand, check the fuel level. Make sure that you get the bike filled completely from the nearest fuel station. The best part is that in Goa, petrol is available even at small shops and eateries.

Check for any damages:

If you have zeroed in on the bike that you are going to rent, check if there are any damages or there is any scratch. If there is, bring it into the notice of the owner so that you are not charged unnecessarily while returning the bike. And, if any damage happens due to your mishandling, do not avoid paying for it.

Return the bike on time:

Try to return the rented bike on the decided time. The dealer might charge you extra, if you will be late by a few hours. If the reason was genuine, you can talk to him about it.

Helmet Matters:

Do not forget to wear helmet while riding a bike as it is not only compulsory but is also necessary for your very own safety. Helmets are generally included in the rent that you are paying.

Safety on the road:

It is not a hidden thing that people come to Goa to get drunk, party and enjoy, thus, it becomes all the more important that you do responsible driving. If someone is driving fast or trying to provoke you by overtaking, stay calm. Riding a bike in Goa definitely is fun but not on the cost of your life.


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