Do you love exploring the tranquility of forests and uncovering the secrets hidden in the caves but too scared to paying huge for the adventure? We all love to have a tour to India but don’t like to put a dent to our bank balance. Luckily, we have found some of the best tourist destinations where you can visit with your family after having exams and get some refreshment at low or no cost.

Enjoy Low-Cost Accommodation – Kasol


One of the most well hidden and well known (among the people who know what you get there) places in Himachal Pradesh, Kasol is what they call a ‘Stoners Paradise’. Situated in the Parvati Valley with the river Parvati flowing right beside the entire village. 4 Kms from the holy place for Sikhs Manikaran, Kasol is a small tourist village in Himachal Pradesh mostly inhabited by locals and Israelis – and the temp inhabitants- almost every college-going kid in the country.

For Free Stay at Ashram – Pondicherry


Given below are the details of guest houses maintained by the Society. Since the guest houses are part of the Society’s aspiration to provide a physically and psychologically positive atmosphere to all, the visitors are expected to abide strictly by the rules and regulations of the respective guesthouses.

Charges to the guest houses vary according to the available amenities. Due to high demand (especially during the significant dates/darshan days), we recommend making early reservations.

Enjoy Quality and Tasty Food at Unbelievably Low Cost – Kodaikanal


Starting from just Rs. 20 for fried chicken, the street food is truly a delight here. You can get the full packet of fried chicken and various varieties at rock bottom prices. You can also find a lot of places to stay that are starting from just Rs. 200.

Where Fun Comes at Cheap Prices – Goa


You can have chill out and have fun with your besties in some of the best beaches. Goa has no lack of exciting and lively places where you can have fun at cheap prices. It is definitely the tourist destination where King’s beer comes at just 30 bucks.

Enjoy Cheap and Easy Getaway – Jaipur


The Pink City provides a lot of cheap and easy accommodation options. You can have a lot to see and do here and you can head to some of the splendid forts here and explore the brilliant architecture.

Where Natural Beauty Explored without Strings Attached – Alleppey

Rent a houseboat room and escape yourself in the middle of Amazonian and serene wilderness at very low price. Ask the local fisherman there and he will take you to his own kayaks at just Rs. 100 which is a steal of the deal.

Enjoy the Goodness of Cocoa Butter Chocolates – Ooty


Ooty is considered to be the land of chocolate where you can find different varieties of cocoa butter delights. The hills are beautiful and you can explore the Fernhills Palace. The chocolates are sold at lower rates and made locally here.

Enjoy the Famous Camel Rides – Pushkar

Pushkar is known for different varieties of shakes and camels and you can enjoy a lot of experiences and activities at unbelievably lower prices. Enjoy the camel rides, food, lodging and the bhang lassi at very low prices.


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