We often get confused when planning a holiday. We take days and sometimes weeks to choose a destination, find a place to stay, how to get there, where to eat and all the shenanigans. What if the place you decide to stay was a destination in itself? Yes, that’s correct. There are numerous resorts in India which are a destination in themselves, they are that good! The trip to these resorts gets even better when you are in the company of your loved one (read soul mate!). From heading to a romantic or spa retreat, to a candlelight dinner under the stars to stay in a tree house, these luxury resorts have a lot to offer.

If you are looking to spend some time with your loved one away from the humdrum of the daily life or planning your honeymoon head off to any of these romantic resorts and honeymoon destinations and you are sure to have the time of your life.

1. Park Hyatt Resort and Spa – Goa

Park Hyatt Resort and Spa – Goa

Strategically located close to the Dabolim Airport, Park Hyatt resort and spa covers a pristine beach and landscaped garden which covers 45 acres of land. Being located in South Goa where some of the most beautiful and untouched beaches of Goa are located, the hotel is perfect for people who are looking for a quiet and pleasant stay in the lap of Mother Nature. The hotel boasts of 250 Pousada-style guest rooms that are equipped with world class services to keep them pampered.

The Resort is endowed with spacious guestrooms and suites that are equipped with best and latest of amenities to keep clients comfortable and cater to their leisure as well as personal needs. Spa inspired bathrooms, beautiful spaces, exquisite location along with friendly and welcoming staff has earned the resort 5-star ratings. Live performances at the resort’s Village Square and al fresco dining also win the heart of the guests. Apart from this, Sereno Spa, a well equipped business center, pristine swimming pool, 24 hour fitness center and Camp Hyatt makes this a perfect option for families as well as a business outing in the sunshine state.

2. Tree of Life Resort & Spa – Jaipur

Tree of Life Resort & Spa – Jaipur

Nestled among the undulating Aravalli hills, the Tree of Life Resort & Spa aims to infuse one with peace of body and mind; an attitude and service that stems from age-old traditions that extend beyond the four walls. Traditional of Rajasthan, the sense of joviality is always reflected in the hospitality offered; may it be in terms of the delectable food or the ease of rooms that redefine indulgence.

3. The Khyber Himalayan Resort & Spa – Gulmarg (Kashmir)

Gulmarg (Kashmir)

“Heaven on Earth” that’s how Kashmir is generally defined. Do we even need to convince you to visit this place? Well, if you are looking for a resort that would take you to this unmatchable place, it is The Khyber Himalayan Resort & Spa. Located among forests and greenery, this resort has luxurious accommodations with the view of the snow covered Affarwat peaks of the Pir Pinjal Mountain Range in the Himalayas. This is probably one of the best properties in Gulmarg and is just a ten-minute walk from the city. It is a world-class resort that captures the beauty of its pristine setting. It is a paradise in every season of the year.

4. The Serai – Chikmagalur

The Serai – Chikmagalur

Defined as the “coffee country”, Chikmagalur is one of the less explored places in our country. It is a place where lush green plantations files miles of open land, the historical ruins hide the deepest secrets and temples beckon you towards the yore! The Serai resort located in this beautiful country is a place to make memories that will last a lifetime. Just enjoy a sip of the delicious homegrown coffee, take a dip in your own private pool, or go for a brisk walk among the coffee plantations. It will be a trip like no other.

5. Vasundhara Sarovar Premiere – Kerala

Vasundhara Sarovar Premiere – Kerala

It is a place which has something for everyone. Located in the pristine land of Kerala, the Vasundhara Sarovar Premiere is a place where you can get in touch with nature like never before. Wake up to the flow of the serene backwater and experience a glorious sunset caressed by cool winds. Be submerged in luxurious living at this place where every need of your will be met with a warm style.  Alluring designs, lush gardens, and culinary excellence- this place has it all! Experience Kerala not as a tourist but as a participant dipped in the local culture.

6. The Windflower Resort & Spa – Coorg


This resort in Coorg is spread over 25 acres of a lush coffee estate in one of the world’s 34 remaining biodiversity hotspots. The tranquillity of this place is indisputable and will leave you surprised. Situated amidst such lush greenery, the sun’s first ray trickles in through the windows and treats your eye to the greenery with a delicate mist spread all across. Enjoy a steaming hot mug of locally grown coffee and homemade cookies. This place also has an open-to-sky Jacuzzi where you can simply unwind and discover shapes in the clouds.  Other activities available here include rough road jeep rides, hot oil massages, gravity cycling, and hydrotherapy. Take advantage of this mind-blowing place!

7. Mountain Club Resort – Munnar (Kerala)

Munnar is an exquisite place located in Kerala – God’s Own Country as they call it! The Mountain Club Resort offers luxurious 5-star facilities and is conveniently situated close to Munnar. This place is rather known for its Ayurveda centre. You can simply have a rejuvenating couple time while enriching yourself with the ayurvedic treatment. The resort has excellent facilities including its multi-cuisine restaurant, coffee shop, health club and infinity pool. It is a perfect place in an even perfect setting!

8. Marari Beach Resort – Mararikulam (Kerala)

Not many people would have heard of the place called Mararikulam in Kerala. It is yet another pristine village set in the land of Kerala. The Marari Beach is a beautiful location which is deeply intertwined with the Malabar’s coastal culture. The Marari Beach resort is a place where you can unwind completely, without trying a bit. This is not like any normal beach resort you won’t find a TV in your room, or the regular holiday activities like surfboarding or beach parties. Instead, this place lets you walk completely aimless on a path strewn with wildflower, or lets you spend an hour with a Monarch butterfly. So, this is your place to throw away the to-do list and simply take it easy, because here you can do it all with no effort.

9. Le Pondy – Pondicherry

Le Pondy – Pondicherry

Le Pondy is a premiere luxury resort situated beautifully at an estuary between Chunnambar River and the Bay of Bengal. This is a resort which celebrates Pondicherry in its true glory and has managed to revive its beauty, its spirit, and its marvelous architecture. It has plush rooms with the view of the sea and the lake and defines world class comfort. It also has a private beach which offers endless leisure options. The Le Pondy Resort is a place to simply head off to and spend a few days in, without worrying about the outside world.

10. The Fern Creek – Kodaikanal

The Fern Creek – Kodaikanal

The Fern Creek is a boutique getaway waiting to be discovered by you. This is a place where time stands still and let you rediscover your sense and celebrate with your loved one. A place to stay in harmony with the natural beauty of the surroundings, it is located in the heart of Kodaikanal on the Palani Hills. It is actually a British era summer retreat which is located far away from the dust, grime and noise of the cities. The Fern Creek is a refreshing place filled with the aroma of pines, eucalyptus, and lilies. Designed for utmost privacy, this place has a lot to offer depending on your mood and expectations. It is a place for incurable romantics!

11. The Elephant Court –  Thekkady

The Elephant Court - Thekkady

The Elephant Court lies wrapped in tranquility and shades of Thekkady, near the Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary. The whole area is scented by the spices of the nearby plantations and the stillness is interrupted by the calls of the birds and rustle of the winds. This is one luxuriantly green destination which offers you 5-star amenities amidst the rainforests. A place to unwind among the green hills, thick forests, shimmering lakes and cool mildly-scented air. It won’t leave you disappointed and will definitely make you want to stay here forever.

12. Barefoot at Havelock – Andaman

Barefoot at Havelock – Andaman

Set exclusively on the world famous Beach No. 7, the Barefoot at Havelock is an experience of a lifetime. This place is nothing short of heaven located amongst the tropical forests with deep blue water and a clear blue sky. You can dive in the turquoise water and uncover the treasure trove of marine mysteries. It is as beautiful above the surface as it is underneath. The Barefoot lets you spend the quality time with your loved one that you always long for. With such mesmerising setting, you are sure to have the time of your life.

13. Vedic Village Resort – Paravoor (Kerala)

You might be wondering that a lot of resorts in this list happens to be in Kerala. When a place is as beautiful as Kerala, it has got to be the topmost romantic place in the country! The Vedic Village Resort is one of the best Backwater Resort in Kerala which is primarily and eco-friendly resort nestled in luxurious greenery. It is intertwined with calming water bodies that let you unwind and relax. They offer you spacious cottage that makes you feel at home and the food which is a treat for your tastebuds.  The best part is you can have the food where you please like inside the dining area, on the veranda, under a tree or just wherever- the food of your choice at the place of your choice.

14. Hotel Heritage Resort – Coorg

Hotel Heritage Resort – Coorg

The Heritage Resort in Coorg is the true classification of the word “Heritage” which means the old world, inheritance and all things that are enduring and cherished, as this place lets you go back in your memories time and again. The chance to breathe in the purest fresh air, this resort is located in the country’s favorite tourist destination. The smell of coffee rejuvenates you throughout and the surrounding woods and greenery let you stay in touch with the real world. It is a place where the earthy lap of nature blends seamlessly into the modern luxuries.

15. Leisure Vacations Goldfield Lake Resort – Kumarakom (Kottayam)

The Leisure Vacations Goldfield Lake Resort in located right on the shores of the largest backwater lake in Kerala, the Vembanad Lake. The beautifully landscaped gardens complement the beauty of the resort which lets the vacationer enjoy the serenity broken only by the chirping of the birds. The architectural style of this place is a dedication to the Kerala style with sloping terracotta roofs, in a picture-perfect setting. The entire area is cast by the shadows of the swaying coconut trees, making it a perfect destination for the people in love.

16. Club Mahindra Derby Green – Ooty

Club Mahindra Derby Green – Ooty

Ooty is one of the most popular hill stations thronged with tourists throughout the year. The Club Mahindra Derby Green is a resort which is a piece of paradise tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the city. The lush environs nestled right in the Blue Mountains is the paradise often searched for by the couples. The colonials-tyle resort is spread over meadows and garden overlooking the race course is the definition of luxury. Go for a long walk, sip a cup of steaming tea, listen to the birds, watch the planters at work, get wrapped in the mist of the surroundings and you will understand why Ooty was called as the “Queen of the Hills”.

17. Oberoi Udaivilas – Udaipur

You must have seen this resort in the movie “Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani” and be completely smitten by it. The Oberoi Udaivilas offers unparalleled luxury in the land of the royals – Rajasthan! This is a place which simply supersedes expectations, it’s that good. It is no less than a palace and lets you enjoy your stay in a total imperial style. The Domed lakefront palaces, sprawling courtyards, nine swimming pools and a 20- acre wildlife sanctuary- what more are you looking for? This is a place to let your loved one indulge in the majestic lifestyle and be awed by the splendour of it all.

18. The Tamara – Coorg

The Tamara – Coorg

Imagine living in a cottage amidst the trees, surrounded by the lush greenery and fresh wind. Did you like this picture? If yes, then you will definitely love The Tamara in Coorg which is a unique property in itself. It features among the top romantic resorts in the country and rightfully so! It is a place located far away from the humdrum of the city life, amidst the sprawling cardamom plantations. The time simply slows down at this place and gives you a chance to give all your time to your loved one, because they deserve it all and much more.

19. Banasura Hill Resort – Wayanad

Banasura Hill Resort – Wayanad

The Banasura Hill Resort in a true rendition of the nature in its raw form. A unique eco-friendly property in the lush hills of Wayanad, this resort in completely made of mud, bamboo furnishings, and coconut palm leaf roofs. It lets you experience nature like never before by bringing it right to your doorstep. With the cashew and tea plantations, bird watching spots and the mesmerizing lake, this resort makes sure that you never have a dull moment. It is ideal for those couple for who love to take a stroll together in the beauty of the natural world.

20. Thengal Manor – Jorhat

Thengal Manor – Jorhat

Jorhat is a village in the Eastern part of the country-Assam. You might not have heard of it, but it is a beautiful place tucked away in the calmness of Assam. The Thengal Manor is actually a heritage tea estate bungalow which is located at Jalukonibari, about 15 km from Jorhat. It offers a palatial stay with an immaculate lawn, a classical portico and period furniture. This resort is reminiscent of the colonial era which has remained untouched by the passage of time. Built over 100 years ago, it was the residence of the Tea factory Assistant Manager. It is a cosy place with 7 rooms, which are distinctly designed with modern amenities. This place is especially recommended for couples looking forward to a plantation bungalow experience, which is like none other!


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