Does every new year is eve feel the same nowadays? After a few years of going to the same parties with the same people, the feeling of deja vu is hard to escape. With the coming new year though, it would be an adventure to head out of your comfort zone and go somewhere unknown. Experience the magic in a different city with and imbibe the unknown or head to one of the lovely vacation spots common to all and see them transform for the new year!

1. Pondicherry

With its easy access beaches, Pondy is a place you can enjoy whether you’re with friends or family or both. The delicious food aside, the presence of two distinctly varied cultures of French and Tamil lends the place a special charm on new year’s eve that leaks onto the celebrations in a swirl of oneness. Also, the daaru is damn cheap!

2. Manali

The best place to enjoy new year’s regardless of if you’re a fan of raving or whether you just want a chill time by the fireside. The snow and the good vibes are sure to make you ring in the new year with a smile. Linger in Old Manali, sip on some special hot chocolate and feel the warmth seep through to your brain.

3. Mumbai

If you’re more of a fan of the party than the place, then you can’t go wrong with going for a new year’s party in Mumbai. Music and events catering to every kind of celebration you want make this the easiest place to have a good time in the new year. A bit of night-time parasailing perhaps?

4. Goa

If you’re at Mumbai however, it would be even easier to just go down to Goa in a matter of hours and enjoy the most hardcore partying experience of your life, dancing on the beach under the stars with fire spitters and the best music around. From Anjuna to Palolem, dirty feet are welcome here!

5. Jaipur

The pink city is the place where you can enjoy a new year with an olden twist. Book a room at the magnificent Rambagh hotel, a sprawling palace that was home to the chambers of a maharaja in the early years. Walk around the lush greens, watch the dancing fireworks, take a dip in the Peacock pool and celebrate king size!

6. Pushkar

Celebrate here just for cheap thrills. With no easy access to alcohol and a conservative outlook in general, the place forces you to turn creative with your celebration plans. Perhaps a bottle is hidden in a popcorn cup or a visit to Floyd cafe for a glass of something stronger!

7. Lakshadweep Islands

Go to one of the few newly opened islands in Lakshadweep that was uninhabited until recently. These islands still remain supremely empty, so it would be best to take your significant other and enjoy the most intimate new year’s eve ever doing whatever it is that love birds do on empty islands. Blue Lagoon anyone?

8. Bangalore

Another no-brainer, especially if you’re familiar with B-town’s bar culture. Combine that with the new year party atmosphere and you’ve got the perfect place to enjoy a new year pub crawl while chugging some of the choicest brews. Hit up Arbor brewery first and sample the fruity homebrew: the best kind of buzz. Or you could head a little outside the city and enjoy the calming Cauvery fishing camp.

9. Varkala

The most serene beaches you can imagine, not too crowded and a whole bunch of delicious food options at the clifftop cafes make Varkala as close to heaven on earth as you can get. Check out Abba restaurant for authentic Swedish cuisine courtesy the Nepali(!) chefs and give the local surf school a call to enjoy the most amazing views while on a board in the sea. The perfect new year!

10. New Delhi

The capital of the country is of course also the capital of partying, which guarantees you a good time here on new year’s eve. A bunch of different themed parties and a new year countdown at Connaught Place also add the special touch that few places can boast of.


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