On is also called Bombay, Mumbai is today the largest city in the India, and one of its main economic lungs. The contrasts are striking, as everywhere in the country. Extreme poverty and wealth mix there sometimes indescribable chaos. It’s hot, it’s dusty and the streets are teeming with world, day and night.

Not very attractive? Yet, Mumbai is a city out of the ordinary, must-see during a stay in India. To help you prepare your visit, eDreams has selected 10 sites and activities to discover on a trip to Mumbai. Here they are.

1. Local transport

Local transport
Local transport Mumbai

Transport in India are real attractions, then get on a local bus, and explore the city! Mumbai is known for its bus double-decker, often crowded, but perfect to move throughout the city, in addition to being very economical! Start your stay with a tour of the city on board a local bus, this will give you an overview of what you can do and see later.

2. The Colaba neighborhood

Taj Mumbai
The Colaba neighborhood

Discover the beautiful buildings in the Colaba district: the door of the India, built in honour of the British George V King is one of the landmarks of Mumbai. Not far away, the Taj Mahal Palace is one of the most prestigious hotels in the country. Enter at least for a drink!

3. In the heart of Bollywood


Take a tour behind the scenes of Bollywood. Visit a former cinema, explore the film sets, and if want you to, play in one of these mythical films (and kitsch, he must admit!). Ask at your hotel reception or even simply drag the streets of Colaba district, it is one of the places where the agents come to hunt the Western extras.

4. The Elephanta Caves

The Elephanta Caves
The Elephanta Caves

Former place of Hindu pilgrimage, the caves of Elephanta are today classified heritage of UNESCO. Carved and dug into the rock, their construction dates back to the 5th century. The caves are on the island of Elephanta, located in the Bay of Mumbai. Go to the door of the India where you can take a ferry that will take you there.

5. The Dharavi Shantytown

The Dharavi Shantytown
The Dharavi Shantytown

The Agency Reality Tours takes tourists who wish through a tour of 2 h based, not on voyeurism, but of course the discovery of something that is actually in India and we cannot therefore ignore: the slums. The slum of Dharavi is the largest in the country, nearly a million people live there and more than 10,000 businesses are based there. 80% of the revenue from visits are then transferred to local associations.

6. The bazaars of Mumbai

The bazaars of Mumbai
The bazaars of Mumbai

Explore the bazaars of Mumbai and navigate the maze of their narrow streets. Chor Bazaar is one of the most interesting shops filled with Victorian furniture, old pictures of the city with posters of Bollywood. There is everything, but mostly, it’s ambiance that marks. Then, sit down with a Chai, and enjoy! Apartment for Rent in Greens

7. Marine Drive

Marine Drive is this fabulous road that runs along the Arabian Sea, in the Indian ocean. Go to admire the sunset, the panorama is magnificent. Nicknamed “the Queen’s Necklace” because of street lights that line the avenue, it is one of favorite walks of the inhabitants of Mumbai.

8. Festivals

Holi, Diwali or Ganesh Shaturthi regardless

Holi, Diwali or Ganesh Shaturthi regardless, there’s always a festival in Mumbai! Mix with the locals and find out more about the local culture.

9. The Sassoon Docks Fish Market

Sassoon Docks Fish Market
Sassoon Docks Fish Market

Les Sassoon Docks font partie des plus anciens docks de la ville. Situés à proximité du quartier de Colaba, ils sont ouverts au public. La région de Mumbai abritait autrefois des petits villages de pêcheurs du peuple Koli, ce sont eux aujourd’hui qui pêchent et travaillent le poisson aux Sassoon Docks, en plus de perpétuer leurs traditions folkloriques.

10. Banganga Tank

Banganga Tank Mumbai

Échappez au tumulte de la ville en grimpant sur Malabar Hill où se trouve le fameux bassin de Banganga (Banganga Tank). Construit au 14e siècle, il s’agit d’un bassin sacré où les hindous viennent se baigner. Sur place se trouve également le magnifique temple de Walkeshwar, le site est très reposant et contraste singulièrement avec le chaos qui règne en contrebas.

So much for the must-sees of Mumbai. Feel free to explore the city by yourself, out of the beaten track, Mumbai is in the image of the India, full of surprises!


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