Think Rajasthan and your mind will immediately start sketching an image of a fairy tale land where there are extraordinary golden forts emerging from sand; palaces of lacy sandstones that testifies courage and valor of Rajputs; heart-warming people celebrating dizzying festivals. Such is the beauty of Rajasthan that even if the millions of superlatives like breathtaking, beautiful, impressive and fascinating come together, it would be difficult to explain the charm this state possesses.

With an abundance of historical monuments, from spectacular mausoleums to mind blowing forts and bewitching palaces, Rajasthan is an obvious choice for people who wish to sense the ancient soul of India. It’s only through its innumerable monuments; one can see the chapters of the history coming alive and Rajasthan’s old world opulence. However, when it comes to royal splendors, it’s not only the majestic forts and palaces but forests also mark their presence and promise to leave you mesmerized by their beauty and abundant fauna.

Throughout the year, the region remains drenched in multiple colors but during the festival season the city comes alive with exuberant folk dances and music, ballads and spectacular fests that are an inseparable part of Rajasthan’s culture.

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Have a look at what this brightest and most beautiful region of India has to offer.


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