As the winter reverberates the wedding bell chants, our life tempts for an exotic and cozy honeymoon holiday to escape from the city clamor to a tranquil enclave. The honeymoon is apparently one of the most beautiful moments of our lifetime that is framed in our memories eternally. The period of time filled with love, lure and lust amidst the quixotic ambiance brings forth a perfect hide-out under the prosecution of betrothal. Few days of intimacy that burst of everlasting flames resplends in buoyancy and persistence. India is nestled exotically with many popular and tempting honeymoon destinations that echo the post-wedding bell chants and moments. But picking up the gemstone out from the treasure is a matter of plucking idle rose petals from the bouquet in your vase. The article thus draws you close to opt from top 10 honeymoon destinations in India that offer a bosom during the winter hewed out from the popular destinations in India.

Jaisalmer – Love Amidst the Golden Sand Dunes 


While most of the North India gets wrapped up with chilly winds, couples usually look forward to a place that offers them a warm comfort for their dilly dally romance. Known for its golden sand dunes and overlooking ‘jharokhas’, Jaisalmer is one place in India that can give tough competition to any middle eastern alluring desert. Those beaming havelis, smiling faces and starry nights will offer you a perfect escape from the hustle and bustles of the metropolis. For couples who love to stay in quiet and forlorn places, this is one place to think of as honeymoon destination in India in winters.

How to Reach Jaisalmer: Reach Jaisalmer Airport from Delhi or take a train from Delhi Railway station

Udaipur – A Story of Royalty and of Love 


Get arrests within the bounteous luxuries reflecting on the gentle ripples of the lake city-Udaipur. An ultimate getaway to start a refreshing life with your partner where majestic palaces flash the royal life of the Rajputs, love rows on the sparkling lakes and whispers at the colourful sunset. Udaipur is said to be one of the princely honeymoon destinations in India that is located in the heart of the incredible state of Rajasthan and brings back home a fusion of royalty and romanticism. If you are hassling for where to go for honeymoon vacations in India in winter and seeking to savour an epicurean banquet topped with the cultural diorama and lush green panorama under the shadow of the Aravalli Mountains, Udaipur is a seraphic pick. The city offers not only the royal aroma but also draws couples to step on the ardent antique marble floor of the Lake Palace, which stands amidst the jewelled waters of the Lake Pichola. So when you are picking up a honeymoon tour out from the royal treasure, Udaipur in winter is definitely one of the best honeymoons picks in India.

How to reach Udaipur: Reach Maharana Pratap or Dabok  Airport which is located at a distance of 22 km from the city of Udaipur.

Lakshadweep Islands – Flirt with the Waves 

Lakshadweep Islands

Lakshadweep is still that unexplored corner of India that offers a vast sea scape of pristine nature and gushing waves. For couples who wish to honeymoon at a place which is less commercialized and bohemian than Goa, Lakshadweep is an ideal option. A visit to Lakshadweep will satiate your craving for a Maldivian or Mauritian holiday and is certainly one of the best honeymoon places in India in December. Shimmering waters, recluse canopies, vibrant marine life and luxurious resorts overlooking sea waves will offer you a perfect ensemble of a honeymoon experience to die for.

How to Reach Lakshadweep: Passenger Ships from Kochi, or a flight from Cochin International Airport to Agatti Aerodrome.

Goa – Get SunKissed


And ofcourse, how could we forget Goa! While most of the other states in India get chilly in December, this state in India assures balmy weather for lovers to get sunkissed and get that glorious tan. Glistening waters, a dazzling nightlife and that hippie charm invites couples who love to get immersed in a happening scene rendered by the effervescent Goa. So go and celebrate love in the tiny pearl of India, Goa!

How to reach Goa: Take a flight from Delhi, Mumbai or other major cities to Dabolim Airport which lies just 29 kilometres from the state’s capital, Panjim.

Darjeeling – A Quiet Romantic Corner

Darjeeling - A Quiet Romantic Corner

For couples who wish to experience that soaring ardour amidst the quiet environs of India, Darjeeling comes across as the first option if you are thinking of choosing your honeymoon destination in India in winters. Emerald green tea plantations overshadowed over by the majestic Khangchendzonga offers a picture perfect image of nature to look forward to. Curious travel couples would love to take a stroll in Darjeeling’s quaint lanes and dense tea plantations. Also, the colonial era architecture adds that whiff of desire to explore this nature’s abode for the newly married.

How to Reach Darjeeling: Reach the nearest airport Bagdogra from major cities like Kolkata, Delhi and Guwahati. From the airport, take a taxi to reach Darjeeling.


Topping amongst the hill stations in South India, Ooty is an unparalleled get away for the honeymoon migrating birds during the winter. The colonial colours secluded within the dilating hues of the sprawling verdure encircling the sparkling lakes and dwelling with a pleasant climate throughout the year makes Ooty one of the best picked honeymoon destinations in India even during the winter. The best time to blush in the cool winter zephyr along with blossoming rose orchids that is bedded over the rolling slopes… Ooty is a gateway to fasten the bond. Even during the peak tourist season the honeymoon tours in Ooty finds a serene place to rejuvenate. The mighty hill station hosts much luxury to budget resorts having honeymoon suites for the couples to bind their first bond of eternal love. A leisurely walk holding each other’s hand along the lakeshore and off ramps down the slopes, the panoramic view of the Western Ghats from the edge of the ridge and playing with the cool winter breeze, makes your honeymoonscape to Ooty a niche one. The exotic ride on the toy train from Conoor and the boat ride on the gentle ripples of the lake… hiking amid the evergreen hues and mulling over the colonial ambiance, Ooty bring back home a diorama of enchanting memories.

Manali – For Adventure Loving Couples 

One of the most picturesque locations in India, Manali, also offers one of the most coveted adventure zone for couples who wish to make their honeymoon thrilling. The snow clad mountains in winters become the perfect place for winter sports that the adventurous couple might just wish to include in their honeymoon. This small town exudes a dizzying charm with its chilly bylanes, pristine Beas’ gushing waters and an opulent green nature whose beauty fails to get captured in eyes. Do take up a drive on the road that stretches from Manali to Kullu and you will end up witnessing some of the most beautiful views on Earth, with overarching mountains on one side and galloping Beas River on the other. With a combination of activities and scenic beauty, Manali is definitely one of the honeymoon places in India in December that you would love to visit.

How to Reach Manali: By bus or taxi from Delhi

Pondicherry – Find Love in French Alleys

Pondicherry is the perfect place to be when one is thinking of honeymoon vacations in India in December. A town made up of French alleys and an alluring seascape, Pondicherry will mesmerize couples who wish to enjoy a quaint honeymoon. French architecture, small shops and creativity spills the cityscape of Pondicherry making it an ideal honeymoon destination for culture seeker couples.

How to reach Pondicherry: Bus/ Train from Chennai, Thanjaur, Trichy, Coimbatore, Bangalore and Madurai


  1. One of the main Destination has been left my dear friend ” Kullu Manali”. I have been to almost all the Hill stations, Beaches, Monuments in Rajasthan.. But Manali is one Place which I like the best in all terms. Scenic beauty, Snow, Adventure Activities, Highway, River, etc etcetc.. For Details on Kullu Manali you can read the Articles given on the site


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