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What makes India a great trekking destination?

India is an epitome of mountain beauty and home to myriad landscapes and terrains that lure umpteen adventure enthusiasts from different corners of the world to come here and satiate their adrenaline desire. For trekkers, especially, the country is a paradise to have unparalleled experiences of high-altitude trekking and to unravel the hidden mysteries of the Himalayan peaks. Also, with a plethora of trekking options ranging from easy and moderate to challenging grades, there is an opportunity for every kind of trekker, be it a beginner or an expert, to satisfy his craving for an enticing trekking experience.

Its enticing natural scenic splendours: Trekking in Indian Himalayas is not only about satiating your quest for a mountainous expedition but, it is also about admiring the nature’s work of art that you are offered with on every twist and turn of your trekking journey. The awe-inspiring vistas of snow-laden Himalayan peaks, precariously hanging glaciers, stunning waterfalls, milky-white streams, gurgling rivers and crystal clear lakes will accompany you all along your trekking trails. The beauty of quaint high-altitude villages, multi-hued carpets of alpine flowers and a glimpse of rare Himalayan birds and animals is also something that will be captured in your memories forever. Needless to say, for photographers, birders and wildlife enthusiasts, mountain trekking in India, is sure to leave them asking for more.

Plenty of offerings for unmatched challenges: Besides witnessing the marvels of nature along your scenic trekking trails, the walking tours in Himalayas also offer you with some of the most spine-chilling challenges that you might have never come across in your previous trekking expeditions. While on an adventure trekking tour in Indian Himalayas, be prepared to manoeuver your ways through narrow and steep ridges, cross chilled waters of gurgling streams and rivers, pass through narrow gorges, traverse through dangerous moraines and step through glacial beds.

For an enriching diversified cultural experience: A trekking and hiking tour in India also offers you with ample opportunities to soak your spirits in different cultures and lifestyles. While the regions of Ladakh and Sikkim are immersed in rich Buddhist art and heritage, in regions of Himachal, Uttarakhand, Garhwal and Kumaon, you can get a true insight in the Hindu culture. Festivals, lifestyle and cuisine of all these regions are also quite distinct and will definitely give you a glimpse of cultural diversities that India is known for. On many trekking routes that commence from regions of Himachal and end in regions of Ladakh or vice-versa, you will be taken aback with not only a cultural assortment but also with a diversity in landscapes \96 a unique and rare contrast that can only be witnessed on Himalayas trekking holidays.

Popular Trekking Destinations in India

Talking about best trekking places in India, the first destination which makes to the top of the list is definitely the mystical land of Ladakh. Home to some of the high mountain passes in the world, an abode of enchanting and serene alpine glacial lakes and a land of exquisite valleys, trekking in Ladakh is a dream come true for several ardent trekkers. The frozen ‘Chadar Trek’ in the enticing Zanskar valley in Ladakh is one of the most sought after treks for all avid trekkers across the globe. The ‘Markha Valley’ trek is another trek in the region that lures myriad passionate trekkers to uncover the magical beauty of Ladakh.

Uttarakhand : 
For a trekking experience combined with a spiritual touch, nothing can be a better choice to indulge in an unforgettable and electrifying trekking expedition in the land of Gods, Uttarakhand. Home to North-West region of Himalayas dotted with some of the toughest treks hidden in the lap of majestic peaks, snow-fed glaciers and dense verdant forests; a trekking adventure in Uttarakhand is sure to leave you with the most rewarding and fulfilling trekking experience of your lifetime. The Roopkund Trek is one of the most fascinating treks of the region and can give goose bumps to even most experienced and avid trekkers. If a thrill of walking through scree and snow covered terrains fascinate you, then the Kalindikhal Pass and Kedartal treks are sure to offer you the most thrilling times of your lifetime. Treks to Gangotri Gaumukh glacier and Yamunotri are other two most awe-inspiring treks in the region and prove to be the utmost satisfying excursions for those who are more interested in a spiritual experience.

Himachal Pradesh: 
Himachal is another great destination that is soaked in an ethereal beauty. Home to several high-altitude bugyals, plunging river valleys, fairy-tale villages, enticing rhododendron forests and serene alpine lakes; trekking in Himachal is truly a delight for trekkers. From alluring Chandertal trek and spiritual Kinner Kailash Parikrama trek to more challenging and moraine-filled treks to Pin-Parvati, Chandrakheni and Baralacha; each trek is a different and unique experience unfolding the hidden and unspoilt beauty of Dhauladhar and Pir-Panjal ranges right in front of you.

A trekking experience in India is incomplete without a trekking expedition in the enchanting land of Sikkim. Blessed with matchless picturesque splendours and scenic trekking trails, Sikkim provides perfect ambiance for trekkers to indulge themselves in unlimited fun of trekking. Gorgeous waterfalls, snow-capped Himalayan peaks, gurgling rivers and crystal clear streams make trekking all the more exciting and enthralling in this Buddhist land. Be it an eventful trekking to Green Lake, a challenging hike to Dzongri or the most famed and exhilarating trek to Mt. Kanchenjunga; the pristine surroundings, impeccable landscapes and an array of challenges will surely give you the best trekking memories of your lifetime.

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